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Hammersley Bro

Sweet Analytics & The Hammersley Brothers

Save Time with Automated Hammersley Brother Dashboards!

The Hammersley Brothers are delighted to have partnered with Sweet Analytics to provide an exclusive plan to The Hammersley Brothers community, so you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers and optimise your marketing campaigns for maximum impact! 



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What's included in the exclusive Hammersley Brothers plan? 

Sweet Analytics are offering e-commerce brands the core dashboards that will provide the real-time actionable insights that every brand needs to make better informed decisions in order to drive fast profitable growth based on the best Hammersley Brothers principles.

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❓ Confused about how to setup the ‘Drop By Drop’ report to drive your business? Let us do it for you. 

💰 See exactly how much you can afford to pay for a customer with the Margin Calculator linked to CLV automatically.

🕔 Say goodbye to time consuming spreadsheets, and centralise all your data in to one easy to use platform saving you hours each week.


✔️ Drop by Drop Dashboard - Check this daily to ensure that your marketing investment is delivering your required ROAS.

✔️ Margin Calculator - Your key tool to calculate the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) that is required to deliver the profitability for your business based on Customer Life Time Value

✔️ Marketing Dashboards - Quickly access your marketing data from all of our supported platforms - no more than a click away. Save yourself the hassle of managing dozens of credentials for each platform and just use Sweet!

✔️ Flying Bridge Materials - Customer and life time value summaries

✔️ GA4 / GA3 Dashboard - Unified and simplified all in one place making easier to use

✔️ Customer Life Time Value Calculator

FREE weekly live training and check in on how to set up and use your insights!

** For brands using Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and BigCommerce with annual turnover less than £4m. Note brands using Shopify will be charged $69.  Exclusive Hammersley Brother offers available for brands above this turnover threshold. Please note this plan does not include a free trial, for alternative packages please visit https://sweetanalytics.com/ 

Valid until 30/06/2024.